Planeview High School Memorial
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Milling around before the dedication
Three major movers in the wall story
Helen Wright James at the Wall while others search the bricks for their own.
The Photographer mounts the Wall to get an Alumni picture
The crowd milled around and was so large the Photographer had them move to the front steps where they could stand in rows and still be seen (hopefully) in a frontal picture.
Excel File  Names on Bricks as of Aug. 7, 2004    Click to download
Excel File  Names on Bricks as of Aug. 7, 2004    Click to download
Brick Monument Memorial
August 7, 2004
In honor of
Planeview High School
Faculty and Students 1943-1957

Thank you seems inadequate to people who gave so much.

On behalf of all those who attended Planeview High School

    A sincere note that expresses our deepest gratitude for anything that you've done.  Whether it was listening to ideas, meeting with researchers, stuffing envelopes, or timely words of encouragement when progress would slow down.
   "Thank you" just doesn't fully convey how much you are appreciated. You awesome "Swampers"! You are the movers and shakers that got down in the trenches traveling, sacrificing time , forging the Kansas heat, donning gloves/knee pads, and put in that wall.     You saw the cement platform with engraved brick to completion. You cleaned, you planted, and watered grass and all in time for the unveiling August 7, 2004. You are awesome,  a heartfelt Thank You, thank you, thank you. 
   To those who caught the vision and trusted enough to buy the bricks. You are the true players, for without the bricks there would be no memorial.
   Gremlins you represented your school well!

Daniel Russell
-Adolphus & Marlene Gilkey
-Deloy Brockelman