This page was last updated on: January 5, 2016
The Headstone of the Memorial Remembers "THE TEAM"
Helen Wright James '49 and your Webmaster at the finished memorial. 
Click here to download Excel File with alpha and class lists
Click here to download WORD file in Alpha sequence by Last name.
Click here to download "pdf" files in alpha sequence or alpha within Class year sequence.  If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer, download it FIRST.
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Gene Angel row 1 brick 1
Murphy Atkins row 1 brick 3
Bill Hamilton Row 1 brick 7
Janis Brown Row 5 brick 8
Douglas Clothier Row 4 brick 5
Patricia Fisher Row 5 brick 1
Donald Middaugh Row 12 Brick 1
Woody King Row 13 brick 4
Builders Row 13 brick 8
Barbara Collins Row 20 brick 8
Charles McKellips Row 20 brick 5
Sue Allred Row 21 brick 1
Pat Abram Row 9 brick 1
Wilma Starnes Row 29 brick 5
Ellenore Hobson Row 29 brick 8
Carolyn Williamson Row 36 brick 9
Harold May Row 37 brick 4
Jerome Saindon Row 37 brick 1
Joan Parks Row 42 brick 1
Raymond Ware Row 42 brick 5
Dick Sunner Row 42 brick 9
Locate your "Row and Brick Numbers" from the lists. Then, placing the cursor over a picture, locate the picture which most likely contains your row and brick number.  Save that picture to your computer. then crop and print as desired.  Each picture lists the name, row & brick for the left/uppermost fully visible brick.